2016 Kanine Releases

Thanks to anyone and everyone that purchased a record or streamed some music this year!

We released debuts from Toronto’s WEAVES, Australia’s HOCKEY DAD, and sophomore albums from Brooklyn’s BEVERLY, UK’s FLOWERS and FEAR OF MEN, and reissued SKYWAVE on Record Store Day along with giving the previous digital/tape only releases of PEARL CHARLES and PINACT their first vinyl pressing. Wow! That was a lot. But don’t worry, we have pared it down to 8 songs and 27 minutes via this @Spotify playlist and a slightly longer playlist of videos @YouTube.

Some more nice words from these fine folks:

“There was an authentic riotousness on Weaves’ confident, bombastic debut LP. By combining pop hooks, attention-grabbing riffs, and pleasing injections of skronky noise that maxed out all the dials, the Toronto noise-pop quartet succeeded in creating their own distinctive sound” CRACK MAGAZINE

“A simple, beautiful record” “This minimalist approach is what makes Fall Forever so captivating and impressive. The music is delicate and even sprawling, creating soundscapes that are euphoric, breathtaking, or both.” The Revue

Oh My Rockness Best Songs of 2016 Beverly “Victoria” & Fear of Men “Island”

Best covers from Consequence of Sound – Weaves – Drag Me Down (One Direction Cover)