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Galaxie 500 is such a legendary group that it should hardly surprise anyone that new East London based dream pop duo of Nathalie Bruno and Italian Jack Milwaukee looked to their favorite group when considering their name, Leave the Planet. The duo formed when Nathalie moved into the same flat as Jack and discovered a mutual love for bands like Slowdive, Felt and early Sarah Records releases, such as Field Mice and The Orchids. Their sound uses a dynamic mix of vintage synths, drum machines and guitars to create a blissful wave of modern shoegaze. Although their sound hints at past greats on Creation Records in the early 90s, Leave the Planet sounds fresh and modern.

Witness “Coasts”, the first official single out on Kanine Records, which was written and recorded in the English springtime in Nathalie’s bedroom. Born from the sunny yet somber weather, the vibe mixes far out reverbs and dreamy synths to create the feeling of melancholic memories captured by an old Polaroid taken on a sun-kissed afternoon. And “Sarah, Where Are You” relates to the memory of losing your first childhood best friend. Reflecting on simpler times of riding bicycles and eating ice-creams, “Sarah, Where Are You” represents a certain nostalgia created through 80’s inspired strings and dreamy guitar arpeggios.

Both songs, mixed and produced by Jack Milwaukee and mastered by John Linger at Structurally Sound, will be available as a digital stream and download on August 12th.


Sarah Where Are You
Album: Live Session
Album: Coasts/Sarah Where Are You
Unreleased Life
Between Bodies

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LEAVE THE PLANET – Coasts/Sarah, Where Are You