Our favorite lyrics from Astro Coast, vinyl in print RSD 2015

My personal favorite Astro Coast lyrics

FLOATING VIBES: “When you wake up in the morning and you hear that awful applause, Put it in your fucking napkin and watch it dissolve.”

I asked JP what this meant one time. I probably still don’t get it but that just makes me love it even more.

SWIM: “On whom can you depend?”

This is quite an angry song, and the placement of such a proper word like whom is just perfect.

TWIN PEAKS: “I’m too young to be defeated.”

This just sums it all up.

ANCHORAGE: “I don’t wanna’ spin my wheels, I don’t wanna’ let it all hang out. I just want volcanoes to erupt and thaw me out.”

I still want to run a campaign for the second half of Anchorage, which remains my favorite part of the entire record.

CATHOLIC PAGANS: “I don’t wanna’ be your Russian bride, not anymore. Barack Hussein Obama would have a field day if he knew at all.”

It took JP’s dedication for me to realize this is a love song. Also, best use of a middle name ever.

Astro Coast vinyl will be back in print and available at stores participating in Record Store Day April 18, 2015.