Skateboarding loves Kanine Records

2017 is starting off strong as three of the coolest skateboard companies have used Kanine Records artists songs in their new skate videos. Check out the videos and hear music from Pinact, Hockey Dad, Skywave, Braids,  Young Prisms, Splashh, Zambri, Four Volts, Mixel Pixel, The Depreciation Guild, Northern State, and Surfer Blood.

Check out the new videos from:

Santa Cruz ‘Right To Exist’.  This is Santa Cruz first full length video in 8 years. So getting some of our artists songs on this video is a massive deal. Especially as it features legendary professional skaters; Eric Dressen, Jason Jessee, Tom Knox, Steve Alba, as well as some of their newest pros; Eric Winkowski, Tom Asta, Blake Johnson, Josh Borden, and tons more of their hot new talent.

Powell & Peralta ‘The La Boys‘. This is a documentary about 4 of Powell & Perelta’s riders during the ‘Public Domain’ filming era. In 1989 four young friends (Gabriel Rodriguez, Paulo Diaz, Rudy Johnson, and Guy Mariano) got discovered by Stacey Peralta skating around the LA area in their early teens and the rest is history.

Meow Skateboards ‘Quit Your Day Job’. This the first full length all female skate film in the US in over a decade. It showcases the most progressive street skating from the top female skateboarders in the world and introduces up and coming skaters that are paving the way for the future. Check out top skating from upcoming stars; Vanessa Torres, Lacey Baker, Annie Guglia, Savannah Headden, Mariah Duran, and tons more.